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The Swank Board is as beautiful to look at as it is to hang from. The 40mm and 20mm edges are ideal for building up finger strength at home, or taking it to the crag to warm up before a big route. It is compact in size and comes in a psychedelic colouring or a more sophisticated greyscale. The design has aesthetic touches that emphasises the layers of the stained wood.

Taking your Swank board with you on adventures is what it was made for. It has bomber stealth rope for attaching the board to your wall or to hang from a carabiner on a bolt. Simply flip the board upside-down to use the shallower edge. If you want to add some slope, you can adjust the rope, adding extra difficulty.


Made from stained composite wood

20, 40 mm edges

Bomber stealth rope (dyneema)

The Swank Board is small and ultralight. It is perfect for warming up at the crag and it works great for training your finger strength wherever you are.


Measures: 300 x 105 x 30 mm

Weight: 700g

Hold size: 25mm, four-finger, 25mm, three-finger, 25mm, two fingers, and a 20mm center hold on the backside of the board for one arm hangs.

Mounting: 5mm accessory cord.


The Swank Board comes stander with 2 x 3mm & 2mm inserts. These inserts work on the four-finger pockets and are easily inserted and held in place.


The board can be tilted and hung in several different ways. By adjusting the angle you can make the hold more in cut and less in cut. Simply allow the accessory cord to sit to the back of the board to make it harder, in the well for a normal hanging position and in the from the make it easier. You are also able to flip the board as the best hanging position is on the bottom row.

The SWANK Board is designed to be a lightweight, take-it-wherever-kind of board. To ensure its durability it comes in a sustainably sourced organic hemp bag.