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For crushing power and versatility, we pull on the Redline Strap Climbing Shoe. Mad Rock's patented concave sole turns our feet into another pair of hands, grabbing holds for confident tension on overhanging sections and driving into tiny foot chips for greater security on vertical routes. They didn't skimp on the other end either, the grooved heel cup with dead-space-eliminating design gives us locked-in heel hooks every time.


  • Aggressive, versatile climbing shoe for sport, bouldering, and gym
  • Downturned and significantly curved for max power and precision
  • 3.0 is Mad Rock's most durable and grippy sole rubber
  • Flexible rand rubber increases give without losing power
  • Synthetic upper with negative texture increases durability and grip
  • 3D expandable molded heel accommodates various widths
  • Lack of midsole allows for better smearing
  • Stretchy tongue is smooth and breathable for comfort
  • Vegan Friendly


Stiffness: Soft
Upper Material: Tek Flex
Closure: Hook-and-loop
Rubber: Science Friction 3.0 and Science Friction R2 (Rand)
Midsole: None
Profile: Aggressive
Asymmetry: Significant